eCafé – Buffalo, NY

About E-Cafe
E Café has been serving downtown Buffalo’s best breakfast and lunch since 2002. We’re located at 487 Main (at the corner of East Mohawk). Stop in to enjoy great food with fast, friendly service or let us deliver to your office.

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We are open for take out!

Hours are 8 am to 2:30 pm, 487 Main st location

Go Bills!

Monday 12/5/2022

Chili Cheese Baked Potato
Roast Beef and a Potato Bowl

French Toast Melt

Soup 1 – Chicken Noodle
Soup 2 – Beef Vegetable


Tuesday 12/6/2022

Greek Burger served w/ a side
California Turkey Warp served w/ a side

Western Breakfast Wrap

Soup 1 – Chicken Noodle
Soup 2 – Soup of the Day

Wednesday 12/7/2022

Steak BLT served w/ a side
Chicken Fajita Grilled Cheese served w/ a side

Strawberry Pancakes

Soup 1 – Chicken Noodle
Soup 2 – Cream of Tomato

Thursday 12/8/2022

Taco Salad, Wet Burrito or Loaded Nachos

Breakfast Bowl

Soup 1 – Chicken Noodle
Soup 2 – Chicken Tortilla

Friday 12/9/2022

Tuna Club Sub
Steak and Egg Breakfast Wrap

Join us for free fountain Friday with lunch purchase! 

Soup 1 – Chicken Noodle
Soup 2 – Soup of the Day

Available this week:  Fran and Ceil Custard!!!

Free Lunch Winner of the week is Jeremiah Shadwick